Main Equipment

Equipment Quantity
CNC Machining Center 1
CNC Milling Machine 1
Vertical Turret Milling Machine 4
Equipment Quantity
3D Inspection Equipment 1
Hoist ( 2 and 2.8 tons ) 2

Mold Department

CNC Machining Department

Aluminum, Magnesium, Zinc Die-Casting Product; Die-Casting Mold Design / Building and Mold Export; Die Casting, Aluminum Die-Casting; Zinc Die-Casting; Vacuum Die-Casting; Aluminum Alloy Die-Casting, Zinc Alloy Die-Casting; Magnesium Alloy Die-Casting Process; CNC Equipment. Auto Parts; Hardware Formation, Aluminum Die-Casting Mold, Zinc Alloy Die-Casting Mold, Zinc Die-Casting Mold; Precision Die-Casting; Die-Casting Mold; Aluminum Alloy; Aluminum Product, Aluminum Mold; Zinc Mold

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