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The company has specialized in the manufacture and development of aluminum, magnesium, and zinc casting molds and relevant finished products. With its professional R&D team and expertise, the company is now in a better position to provide customers with small volume, wide variety, and excellent quality mold products. Meanwhile, the company has strived for the shorting of mold-making time, thus reducing production costs and offering the most satisfactory after-sales services.

The company welcomes prototype of aluminum, magnesium, and zinc products from clients. The mold development is conducted after testing, an effort to reduce the revision and enhance the use life.

The company's latest mold-making equipment, including the most advanced CNC machining centers, CNC milling machines, electrical discharge machines (EDMs), and precision measuring instrument, enables to upgrade the precision and quality of molds.

Our mold products are developed with high precision and technology. This ensures our clients to produce stable quality and a wide variety of products, a strong support for them to receive orders. The company has now owned several patent rights from both home and abroad and passed the ISO 9001 quality certifications. Due to international quality recognition, it has also obtained long-term mold orders from Europe, the U.S., and Japanese die-casting plants in recent years.

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